Laden & Di Genius – Party (That Time Again) Lyrics

Party people lets go, go
Call everybody you know
Enjoy you self and free up
Get something in yo cup

Cause it’s that time again
When people a drink and smile again
And we a party, wi a party

Then who a talk the gyal dem a wine again
Fi wi tabel, stick up and wall again
When wi a party, wi a party

(Verse 1)
Wi party none stop till all the sun hot
Wi no have no gun chat, so no lock it down cops
Gyal a wine up deh pon all the sound box
Wi party in the street till all the road block
Police come fi lock it off and people seh fi don’t stop
And a tell wi seh fi turn it down, wi tun it up back
If yo tek weh fi wi fun, then how wi do without that
Party wi a party, naw gwaan wid no criminal act

Meck mi tell yo supn people if you never know
Party it a keep and mi seh all a wi a go
All when me be tripping, mi seh all a wi a go
And if you no have a dollar yo know the whole a wi inna crew
Gyal a wine up pon dem, all a line up inna row
And if mi beg a gyal a wine yo know shi naw seh no
Cause mi is a bwoy wi full are cup and meck it over flow
Anywhere the party crowd deh mi a go

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)
Party mi a party, enjoy mi self
Spend mi own money, mi employ mi self
When mi roll through mi empty all the shelf
If a hundred pack mi done off every cent
Cause a party wi live fa
Si the ship a sail true yo know seh a gyal to the link sah
Gyal inna the genius ears and a whisper
Seh dem feeling tipsy and waan fi feel quips yah
Man a celebrate inna the party like a igler
People roll it up inna the blunt and inna the whisler
If you no come out well is a event you a miss sah
Party you seh, weh you a switch fa?
Every night we out, we go out, no wi no itch sah
Watch wi inna dem cardy dan and dem kicks yah
WI just having fun, so just free up yo self
If yo not having none

(Repeat Chorus 2X)