Busy Signal – Hungry Days Lyrics

A bay hungry days wi face hi no
Look at the hungry days wi face hi no
That’s why the youths dem no inna no game thing
Youths focus and dem misbehaving

A bay hungry days wi face hi no
Because the system it a get so frustrating
And that’s why the crime rate escalating
A gun thing and every day a the same thing

(Verse 1)
And mi seh what a feedback
What a feedback
Walk away from trouble then it end up pon yo heal back
Then pon the road a fly yo better look out fi the speed trap
Member monkey expose more when him inna tree top
And Government, hungry mouth deh yah fi feed that
Pickney fi go school and then yo know a school fee that
Don’t try fi mash up the youth dem future only idiot
How dem look pon a 13, 14, year old girl and a pree that
Fi go breed that

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)
A many rivers to cross a so mi hear Jimmy Cliff
Mi chad-ding through the valley
A stay focus no time fi slide weh nor drift
Move mountains wid faith, my talent as mi gift
Naw give it up, do a bay hand to mouth
Bigger heads beg you some help when wi starting out
Cause a you same one a come tax it out
Food inna wi mouth no bother box it out
Wi si the signs clear pon the road of life weh wi chad
Cause these are harder days
Mi know it hard but overcome
Overcome cause it no pretty inna the slum
Don’t meck none get you done
No give in cause better must come

(Repeat Chorus 2X)