Daville – My Tender Love Lyrics

(Verse 1)
Yea I got to keep it real baby
I cant have the way I feel about you
From the day I met you baby
You really make all my dreams come through
And though you so far away
I think about you everyday
In my heart you’ll always stay
Never going away

Come take my hands let me hold you now
And give you all my tender love
Come take my hand, come with me now
I know you can thrust me fi give you love
Give me your love

(Verse 2)
How my love, every time I think about you
Oh baby love, got to make the worldd know how I feel about you
Beautifully, magically
Mean it from my heart when you hear me say
I can’t live without you no way
Your everything to me oh yea

(Repeat Chorus)

Oh baby girl, I cant help but to think about you
Oh baby girl, I can’t help but to dream about you

(Repeat Chorus 2X)