Ce’cile – Do It To Me Lyrics

(Verse 1)
Bwoy stop lie, truth if yuh speak
Bwoy nah fi hide cau mi know yuh a freak
Gwaan use yuh tongue cau mi love when yuh dweet
Weh mi a lie fah? love di man dem weh eat
Some a talk bout oh, Oh, no, No
Nuff a dem a chat but dem a go Go low, Low
From a gal yuh love nuh fear
So when selecta talk bout who nuh dweet, hand inna di air
Bwoy keep yuh hand dem a yuh side becau di gal dem nuh care

So just do it to me baby, uh, nuh matta weh nobody seh
Just do it to me baby, uh, nuh listen weh di DJ dem seh
Do it to me baby, nah tell no one nah tell nobody
Do it to me baby, uh, just do it to me baby

(Verse 2)
Nuff a dem a sing bout di slackness dat
Lie dem a tell cau di gal dem chat
Bout dem nah bow,will mek we watch
Have dem pon video unda di frack
Him a talk bout oh, Oh no, No
Bwoy a freak unda di sheets
So how How come him a tell a man him know fi dweet
Say what you wanna say you haffi nyam fi get some
And any bwoy weh nah go dung yuh know dat get bun

(Repeat Chorus)

Watch dem a talk bout no but a dem a dweet
Watch dem a talk bout how dem would a neva dweet
When di fire start bun dem a go feel di heat
Watch dem a talk bout no undacover freak

(Repeat Verse 1)

(Repeat Chorus till end)

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