Mr Easy Ft. Beenie Man – Fly Away Lyrics

(Intro – Mr Easy)
She don’t care what people say
Even if they call my name
As long as I keep her happy
She will always be for me
Even when they say am bad
Keep on happy, never sad
She don’t have to think of it
She’s my special

(Mr Easy – Chorus)
She make me wanna fly away
She got the wings of angels
This girls is so amazing

She make me wanna fly away
Must be sent from heaven
Wid all this love she’s giving

(Beenie Man – Verse 1)
Shi intriguing, intelligent, beautiful and sexy
She is the reason why Selassie high meck mi
Wid two beautiful baby shi bless mi
Sekkle mi brain when the business a stress mi
So mi a tell yo seh mi love you my baby
You a mi one and you a my only
And I promise I will never leave you lonely
Yo mussi red bull

(Mr Easy – Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2 – Mr Easy)
Gonna pree to make the date
Set the time and get the place
Time for us to combinate
This will set it straight
Come on girl lets celebrate
Cause we always keep the faith
Give my all never hesitate

(Repeat Chorus – Mr Easy)