Esco Ft. Bawse Dawg, Agent Sasco & Busy Signal – See We Rich Lyrics

Why dem no waan fi si wi rich
Why dem no waan fi si wi rich
But wi no care weh dem no waan si
Dem same one a come bout wa happen bossy

Whu dem no waan fi si wi rich
Why dem no waan fi si wi rich
But wi no care weh dem no waan si
School dem, show dem how wi class hi

(Esco & Bawse Dawg)
Money si my best friend cause it cause the speed AP
Flows like an air bed
Mi watch no cheep
Caw mi buy faragumo pinky ring like suprano
Yo still talking, talk is cheep
Me need the money healthy so the grass is weat
Paper chase tryatalan, miscalculation cause shi grieve
If the millions don’t come when ma verse is leek
Plan B mi walk the earth like prado sneaks
Teen yo lean, bone marrow style mi dogs fi eat
Live lavish, jump towers, now apartment least
Recreating with limes demotion life so sweet
Counting chips like kids do, barely sleep

Up in the mix turning flow a to how mi need the real cake
MI no come from Harlem so no bwoy cyaa meck me shake
I want this show forever man, cash money me Drake
Focus pon the sweep stakes dem no waan wi money tree shake

(Busy Signal)
Dem no waan wi have more money paw more money
Paw sure money, paw sealing to floor money
Paw sure money, paw tour money
Fast and slow money
Count a overflow money
Accountant seh it a grow money

Dem no waan wi rich like the sheep dem over dobye
Never could I do nothing funny mi naw go do guy
Anybody owed mi better bring mi money to I
Dollar sign, dollar sign, look inna mi two eye
Dem no waan wi have money like the sultan inna middle east
Cartier watch face wid the middle freeze
More money than the sea water plus the sand grain
Pretty than his and a matterlon fan tane
Pocket cyaa contain

Hey God mi praise but the root of evil is just one aim
Why yo think the queen of England have such a strong name
Mi need some money machine, mi count so till mi hand sprain
No waan wi fi rich still wi win the money campaign

(Agent Sasco)
And a talk bout million pon top a million
Pon top a billion, Wi talking bout a dozen savin pon top a billion
Billions a tun up inna trillions, gazillions
Bwaling like a Brazilians
Talking bout when mi likkle bit mi have a piggy bank
Right now mmoney nuff a Scotia like a fi mi bank
Talking bout money cyaa drop off like mi pilliot
Talking bout ister role, rolex, extra brilliant
Yo si mi dan
Dem no waan know seh jet a sell and wi a buy that
Dem no waan wi have no shofer or no pilot
No waan wi buy the bar like sugat minot
Dem no waan wi have no boat, so wi no fi buy yacht
Why not, tell mi not

(Repeat Chorus)