Ajrenalin Ft Chris Martin – Touch Lyrics

(Intro – Ajrenalin)
Party start in yah
Mi si ten gyal weh mi want in yah
Wine fi mi catty caw mi want in yah
Mi one cyaa have so much hot girl
Weh mi friend deh

(Chris Martin)
Si Martin Yah
Gyal dem waan mi nail dem like a carpenter
Dem a run in like a star sprinter
Ajrenalin meck dem know

(Verse 1 – Ajrenalin)
Wi touch inna the club emaculate
Gyal a watch wi step fi seh wi flopping accurate
Si a gyal a bubble weh mi know mi haffi get
And any bwoy weh bring da gyal deh inna the club him haffi fret
Caw mi live the likkle flirty way yo wine
The dirty way and bend yo back and nortry vertebrate
Under mi Guinness and mi purple ears
Yo tongue a circle ears
Mi lock yo down fi 30 days
And have yo out a sweat fi days

Gyal meck mi tell you weh mi mean
Any gyal inna the party weh no contune mi screen
The gyal dem just a scream
And a seh dem waan fi link wid Martin an Ajrenalin

(Chorus – Chris Martin)
Haffi get a new gyal anywhere wi go
Caw wi touch dem right a so hi fi go
Bottle a punch inna wi pocket over load hi no
Brace it pon are meck shi feel it tougher than a board hi no

New gyal anywhere wi go
Caw wi touch dem right a so hi fi go
Mi touch are body and shi jump like a toad hi no
Shi deh paw mi like the light inna the road hi no

(Verse 2 – Ajrenalin)
Get gyal but wi no pet dem
Nia, shi vibrate like a beeper caw mi a no sleeper
Mi kick it off like a sneaker from shi drink the creeper
No come yah so fi watch Nikita or poppin da sheet yah
Gyal come over mi yard and tell mi seh seet yah
Phone call when shi waan mi fi get a piece a
Mi is a man weh no play once mi get a liquor
Mi tun it up pon are loud a mash up the speaker

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 3 – Chris Martin)
From dem si we dem fi know weh wi deh pon
Gyal to wi right and wi left hand
Watch gyal a fight fi position

Lord from dem si we dem fi know weh wi deh pon
Different gyal in every second

(Repeat Verse 1)

(Repeat Chorus)

(Repeat Verse 2)

(Repeat Chorus)