Bugle – Tears Of Joy Lyrics

Money cyaa buy happiness
Right now I am the happiest
Mi haffi give thanks fi life yes
So happy right now

I use to have tears or sorrow
Now a tears of joy
Right now a tears of joy
I use to be a nobody
But mi meck it true mi try
Right now a tears of joy
Me si the light that mean yo can seet to
Me dweet so youth yo ccan dweet to

I use to have tears or sorrow
Now a tears of joy
Right now a tears of joy

(Verse 1)
Hey Niko the reason mi da state yah
Because a mountain mi move wid da faith yah
Dem use to a lock dem door inna mi face
Now a me a kick down dme gate yah
Mi a come from the back of the bus now
The plane a load an a me a board first
Who thought I was the worst class
Mi a work class cause now mi a fly first class
And that’s why now me can testify
Nothing no too hard fi yo rectified
The limit is the sky
Caw mi self esteem use to flat like any kite

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)
I use to cry mi self fi go sleep every night
Cause no dinner never deh inna mi pat
Wake up inna the morning again
Breakfast mi no know weh mi a go find that
But true mi have faith my self
Me never break my self
Love me never hate my self
So mi elevate my self

(Repeat Chorus)

Just to remember when mi days use to dark
Mouth corner use to white like chalk
Remember when mi one shoes bottom a drop off
Mama bwal yes mi son yuh a go better off
Right now mi hard work pay nice
Bright like day
A me a the man weh seh work before pay
Mi life might no sweet like Devan House Ice Cream
But still mi a live mi dreams

(Repeat Chorus)

(Repeat Intro)