Agent Sasco – Tell Unuh Lyrics

Member wi tell dem
Seh if dem violate wi a go shell dem
Yo si a soul unu fi sell dem
Another thing don’t sell out yo friend dem
Watch out fi fake friend
Watch the pedofy dem and the play pen
Any bwoy weh si di kids dem an a rape dem
Franky inna May pen a sharpen the mashate dem
Man no fi love beg
Man no fi lazy and love bed
Nuff a dem no waan fi work an waan fi bruk leg
But anytime wi hear seh dem a broke shop dem just dead
A money fi da year yah

The Benjamin, the Pound dem and the Shearer
Time a get harder, things a get dearer
Haffi deh get out caw wi youth dem fi take care a
Yo si mi pickny dem mi love dem
Only roof wi put above dem
So right yah now mi haffi beg up all the tugs dem
Weh buy the enfamel, the pampas and the huggis dem
Government now disrespecting
Just a remind you seh a we did do electing
Mi naw seh yo cyaa do yo tax collecting
But people A wait so sort out the IMF thing
Because the dollar just a slide weh
Whole heap a people fed up and a tie weh
And wi fi si wholesale an cyaa buy deh
Money fi run like seh a everyday a Friday
Likkle youth get yo education
Discipline hard work and dedication
No meck no vanity stray yo meditation
Yo values and yo morals dem yo no fi stray from

Better hold firm yo no fi weak out
Tell unu beg unu do no go the freak out
Caw mi a bwoy weh never punk out
Never hore no weh
Never take no tattoo and mi surely never bleach out
Mi love mi island
Seh Jam Rock is like an diland
But mi si seh nuff a dem have up a slight plan
Like dem waan fi bring whole a the fish dem come a dry land
Another thing before the song done
Nuff seh dem a gyallis and dem love the run up and down
But you fi member nuff a shoot like a hand gun
SO rude bwoy if yo smart don’t left yo condom