Kiprich – Di Real Joe Grine Lyrics

From wa day man a bwal bout bun
But a me a the real Joe Grine
Anytime yo cyaa find yo girl just know seh shi inna mi house a spend time
Cause bun hotter than shot from gun
Meck ma a hang dem self like clothe paw line
Any girl pass mi way mi no pet that
Because mi know no man naw pet mine

(Verse 1)
When gyal waan gi bun dem no ramp
All when yo itch on pon are like clamp
Yo could a watch she wid candle and lamp
Shi still a link me fi get the lawn damp
You no si a nuff man get bun and cry
Worst when yo deh wid a girl weh dry eye
Yo could a gi are land, house, car
Money and shi still gi the gardener a bly
Girls be careful how yo give bun
When yo deh wid suicidal man no give none
Dem seh police get the most bun
Because wa police drink the most rum
Man a kill him gyal fi sit down inna man lap
Before the idiot turn the gyal back
How mi fi murder mi woman fi go lay down a jail
When a one bag a man deh inna that

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)
Dem seh wa yo don’t know won’t hurt
So mi naw go out mi way fi dig dirt
So if a man ever si mi woman wid man and come tell mi
Mi beat up him blows and skirt
Me naw leave my girl if shi cheat
Worst if a hear mi a hear and no seet
A nuff bwoy out a road a tell one bag a lie
Seh dem do when dem never dweet
Woman tired a the lame man dem
Tired a the excuses the same one dem
Cause every time shi want you
One call you deh visit a holiday weekend
A that’s why mi get the job part time
As him step out da yard deh is mine
Mi seh my gyal a my gyal
And your gyal a my gyal
Jah know da humble yah kind

(Repeat Chorus)