Mojo Morgan Shot Video For His “New Dawn” Single

Throughout history music has been a common thread to unite people of different races, genres, creeds and class. It is a universal language that one can feel, and when a song comes along that inspires and gives strength it instantly becomes a classic. Such hit song is Mojo Morgan’s “New Dawn”, it speaks today and will convey the same a hundred years from now.

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Mojo Morgan himself found inspiration with Nina Simone’s “Feeling Good”, he states that “Even though the song was written over 25 years ago. The inspiration for this song is the need to fight for survival when your back is against the wall”

After recently announcing the launch of his lead single from his upcoming solo debut album and a signed deal with American label Krian Music Group. Mojo Morgan is finally releasing the video for his hit single “New Dawn”.

Filmed on location in New York City’s 5 borough’s. The video, directed by KeonVybz translates the words to the screen by depicting everyday people going through their everyday routines. Which at times are hard and dreary, but they are energized by the power of music, the power of a New Dawn!

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“I like when a music video can creatively illustrate how a song communicates it’s message to it’s listeners and forever becomes a part of them” says Mojo

The uplifting track “New Dawn,” featuring Mojo’s brother, Peetah Morgan, has garnered success from Jamaica to Ghana, Cayman Islands to St Maarten, Miami, New York and San Francisco, boasting impressive radio airplay in those markets.

Good vibes flowing in a positive way and Peetah’s vocals take it to a new heights as well. Mojo’s lyrics are fresh and to the point. The track is so refreshing for the Spring Break Fever and is ready to hit all major formats on radio. No hating just take a listen. Waggy T – WEDR.

Loving this “New Dawn” joint by Mojo Morgan. It has that classic hip-hop style production with a blend of reggae. Uplifting lyrics with brother Peetah singing the hook. I will make sure this tune stays in my crate. Daddy Rolo – KMEL

Mojo Morgan’s “New Dawn” is a true representation of a new musical dawn! Dahved Levy – WBLS

Big Up Mojo Morgan from the prestigious Morgan Heritage Family! True Reggae Royalty! The new single “New Dawn” Mixing Hip-Hop and Caribbean elements… equals a great Song! Bobby Konders – WQHT

“New Dawn” is a feel good song with a real good message. Mojo Morgan is on top of his game. Stormin’ Norman – Tropixx 105.5FM(St Maarten)

“New Dawn” is a great song that blends elements of jazz and soul. With a prolific voice of modern Reggae. A great song. Chuck Taylor – Hot 104 FM(Cayman Islands).

The video is slated to be released internationally later this month.