Busy Signal – Mi Deh Yah Lyrics

Fresh from prison
Now mi deh yah
Jah know mi give thanks
Mi haffi chant a word a prayer

Mi seh fresh from jail now mi deh yah
Ready fi mash up road
Because mi haffi meck the treader

Gyallis inna the street
Man a player
Turf president
The gyal dem know mi a no Mayer
No violate the dawgs man a slayer
Watch how yo run yo mouth cause man wi wet you wid the sprayer

(Verse 1)
No more half a tooth brush nor think
No card board fi mi bed
No prison food or drink
Mi no like no carbalic
Bad man no take no wada lick
More time mi hold a medz look pon the wall
Take pencil draw pon it
Paw my block no dolphin or shark pon it
Yo mussa want the thugs dem get ignorant and dark pon it
Hot head like a over heat regulator
Under waan car banit
Dem cyaa stand it
Don’t step out a line am not gonna partial it

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)
Prison no meck fi dog
It never meck fi me neither
Mi ready fi do road
Just gimmi a Range or a Teda
Pickny inna belly
Man a breader
Gyal call mi seeda
Worst mi a bun the highest set a weed yah
Listen to the hot head vocals through the speaker
Cleanest sneaker, prettiest deva
Set it off
Jada ping, Kate and Queen Latifa
Passport fresh, just get back mi visa

(Repeat Chorus)