Busy Signal – Any How Lyrics

Hey if dem violate mi
Mi dawg’s nam dem food and not even left no gravy
Dem a gwaan like dem bad lately
Mi beat dem bad like slavery

Any how dem bwoy deh dis man
A the whole a mi army a respond
No fight gyal war, mi no Paris Hilton
Some bwoy fi bill like Clinton

Cause mi seh any how dem bwoy deh dis man
Naw turn the other cheek mi no Christian
You mussi waan the place turn inna Pakistan
Violate yo naw sleep pon this land

(Verse 1)
Fool, keep yo ratings, keep yo ratings
Bwoy seh dem a do road and a do bay things
But mi tugs dem no inna the fakings
When mi step out a pay yellow tapings

Keep yo ratings, fool keep yo ratings
Bwoy a run off dem mouth like a bearings
Mi dawgs mean and dem no inna no scarings
No watch dem fool yah wid dem railings

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)
Mi si dem a team up
Hotter than a scheme up
Mi hot head a steam up
Fi go lazier beam up
If yo dis yo can never get away
Cause the thing set a way when the hot heads dem a step
Caw loud mouth a talk up
But mi eagle hark up
Watch dem body chark up
When mi dawgs a bark up
Dem naw live fi si another day
Contrast wid the clay
Same place dem head a lay

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 3)
Cyaa step paw mi shirt nor mi shoes
No man to mi pants
Dis mi and mi swarm yo like Ranazalants
With loyal tugs like the accusa gangs
Or the serious gangsters like Russian box
Certain things mi no take yo check
Like box inna face or puff chest
Bwoy violate get mi upset
Mi wipe out yo object
No laughing thing no inna bad man subject

(Repeat Chorus)