Tifa – Inside Me Lyrics

Cause I got a feeling inside a me
Baby your memory
Baby when you hold me
A the best feeling that
You know I love it when am
When am pleasing you
When am love you too
Cause am beside you boo
Ma boo ever haffi come back

(Verse 1)
So baby come over
Mi long fi a feel butterfly inna mi belly
Mi want the real love bwoy fling it off paw mi
Mi waan fi feel your body pon my body
Lets cuddle up in the bed, on the chair
Anywhere I don’t care
Just as long as you hand dem over
Don’t keep me waiting

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)
Weh mi man deh
Come meck mi dress up
Pretty, pretty, fi yo
Turn up the music
Wine and stuckie fi you
Gyrate, tic, toc, bwoy put hi paw you
Squeeze, mi know yo love it when mi clit hi hooko
Dash out and me a no queen fi go slang deh
All I wanna do is just bubble pon mi man yeh
Come over, you know a 6:30 a the time
Mi know yo cyaa deny mi give you the wickedest wine

(Repeat Chorus 2X)