Lady Saw – Grab Mi Up Lyrics

Some gyal a wine but dem nah grab
This a di new name fi di gudas gyal dem
Unu grab an keep yuh si mi

Mi have a thing name grab mi up
That’s why mi ex man have mi up
Nuff gyal waan stab mi up
But mi no si no gyal fi come bad mi up

Mi have a thing name squeeze mi baby
That’s why mi boyfriend need mi daily
If mi no gi him him nag mi crazy
A so mi know seh mi body no lazy

(Verse 1)
Yo si when mi left a man him waan kill mi
Mi haffi move from town to Trelawney
Divert an go back a St. Mary
Caw mi man a hunt mi body wid di army
Wooy when mi grab mi no let go
Man haffi ask how mi meck so
Hey that’s why matie vex so
Because man a ask are how shi wet so

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)
Mi have a muscle name draper
An a next one wah name time rater
It an mi boyfriend a contemplator
An a rush mi fi set di wind made wooy
Some gyal a wine but hey not in to it
A so mi know seh da wine deh naw do it
No have no grabber so man pass through it
How mi know yo man tell mi so mi knew it

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 3)
When mi grab me squeeze
That’s why mi man cyan leave
No bother worry if mi cyan breed
Pickiny nah hold man again best believe
So mi no worry bout mi man an no likkle chicken egg
Cause him haffi come home
From di day mi grab him up in a 1984
Him just cyan leave mi alone
So when mi just grab den squeeze
Grab den squeeze
Grab den squeeze
A that’s why mi man cyan leave
Yo si mi big up di grabiesha dem
Gudas fi real
New name fi unu grabisha
Chase mills yo hearrecord
Courtesy a him
Chase mills a million wi a look da year yah

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