Tommy Lee – We Want Paper Lyrics

When mi did poor and no have nothing fi nam
Mi mother never have it shi aq the only one
So father don’t take me please
In this time from my time

We want paper big up all money paper
I crown all who rise and no drop
Youths dem a the feature
WI nno want no 14 shooter
Fi messed up wi dream llike Freddy cooker

(Verse 1)
Get out the way heaters get out ma way
Cant take the one bag a yap in ma ears
One bag a talking wa no make no sense
True the gal dem a lust after we
Kelly Angela and desa aunty
She dem want tip a love after we
Why some bwoy wan kill off a me
Try control yo self sah cause mi no wan fi send fa
No man caw in a my thought
Woman alone me men’t fa
Shi open the door and she open the center
Money run out is another brick mi send fa

(Repeat Chorus)
Pulling she rich from mi young
Caw affi care fi the way shi sit down
Mi sweae paw mi life and mi swear paw mi sun dem
Mi swear every gal caw swear fi mi tongue
Hook stick my link no go wrong
Watch weh you preach and watch weh yuh stand
I man a meck supn spin like a fan and drop like a bam
Meck you look like a ham

(Repeat intro)

(Repeat Chorus X 2)