Shane O – House Party Lyrics

Teeth brush, clothe press
Mi just bathe, yo know mi just fresh
Go lopping and a say where the party at
Mi pin back and seh

All roads lead to my house party
Just make sure you there
As you see all my good friends are here
And everybody fresh
Yo mouth haffi fresh
Yo arm haffi fresh
Yo shoes haffi fresh
Everything haffi fresh
Yo better hold a fresh
Yo heart haffi fresh
All the gyal dem weh a role wid she haffi fresh

(Verse 1)
Guinness a sip, grabba inna spliff
Selector stop the noise turn it down a likkle bit
Who deh gyal deh a strip
A tick tock and a bubble it
God alone can come yah so and tell mi shi no have no grip
Me must knock one tonight I swear
How deh gyal deh so thick
Gimmi the link the number
Put it down inna mi chip
Yah so the party a keep

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)
Deh party yah sicker, sicker, sicker
No consignment, Liquor, liquor, liquor
Hour gyal dem ticker, fitter
If dem wine pon the pole yo cyaa tell nobody seh dem a no stripper
We flip money keep party
Caw mi a flipper
One cup a rum, one cube a ice inna mi liquor, liquor, liquor
When wi a drink wi drink bitter, bitter, stop

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 3)
Visit the bar don’t be a sponger
Yo cyaa buy a water so wa yo come fa
Pocket full a money like when the tank full a gas
And the gas cyaa run out a the Honda
Mix up the cranberry wid the rum bar
Party mi seh, mi cyaa bother wid the gun war
Tune a beat, herbs a beat, girl a dweet
Yah so a dweet don’t

(Repeat Chorus)

(Repeat Intro)