Agent Sasco – Can’t Hold Dem Liquor Lyrics

Whole bar buy off
Bay cork a fly off
Promoter smile

So put yo cup inna the air
Lift dem up inna the air
Caw the liquor deh inna yo head a buss and you no care
Champagne a spill like wi a ring the new year
More time wi just a sip a bear

But some a dem cyaa hold dem liquor
Cyaa control dem liquor
How you fi drink a ban cup and it a turn you over
Man low the liquor thing and gwaan go sip a soda
Because yo cyaa hold yo liquor
Nuff a dem cyaa control dem liquor

(Verse 1)
Put on a rounds fi the drinker dem
A nuff seh dem a drinker tell dem think again
Because dem drink a one baba, an a walk, an a stagga
A move like a drunky and a keep up a bag a
Fally and dem start move loose
If dem drink a cork a sirock
Or a que a grey goose
But big up to the drinker dem weh hold dem boos
Have the Hennessy a hose like cranberry juice
Nuff seh dem a drinker but mi lose
Cause dem a walk like seh macka deh inna dem shoes

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)
Caw dem a blame it pon the alcohol like Jamie Fox
And wi never yet si dem buy a box
Den how dem a claim dem a drinker
Better dem relax
When we seh jah, nanny hills dem a play jax
Yow weh drunk shots
Hennessy on the rocks
Inna cap and mi sox
Mi just cool and a relax
All a who a support the bar big up to the max
Nuff a dem naw go love it but a fox

(Repeat Chorus)

(Repeat Verse 1)

(Repeat Chorus)

(Repeat Intro)