Spragga Benz – Informer Lyrics

(Verse 1)
How yo think nuff man get fi tap a phone
A informer tell dem when yo not at home
But chatty mouth cyaa step inna shatta zone
Caw dem get wet up and dem lucky if a that alone
Well dem love chat, give weh all the black and chrome
Meck Buz find it and the stash weh did fi drop a Rome
A seh dem hard when dem soft like a pack a punk
Hungry tugs rush dem like dog if you drop a bone
Because dem loud up, si wi and dem drop a tone
Dem get quiet you can hear somebody drop a stone
But dem fi know anywhere mi and mi pack a Rome
It no really matter broad day
And wi, wi splatta though

Do it first that a shatta code
And never fear screw face and the bag a pose
And who a try call shots wi got allot a those
When dem a clap bwoy drop like a bag a clothe

It no matter who or why
Where or when, or how
From yo love talk seh you fi drop now

Seh who or why, where or when, or how
From yo inform seh you fi get blow

Who or why, where or when, or how
From yo sell out seh you fi drop now

No matter who or why, where or when, or how
From yo inform seh you fi drop now

(Verse 2)
How you think nuff man get fi rush a base
A certain watch a position inna such a place
A fling you inna car trunk you a suffocate
And till yo stop and feel supn cold touch yo face
Next court day yo hear seh link buss a case
And witness migrate to some Russia place
Cause if a ghetto code a silence yo desecrate
Losses at a violence, first approach mi tell you left mi gate
Don’t get hesitate, else yo on yo way to heaven gate
Man walk up on yo and yo get 11 straight
And that a the end a you
And yo mouth no debate
Investigate a estimate, yo age a 38
So if a chatty mouth si yo den yo no fi wake
No take no chance left nothing fi wi socitate
And all who see and blind meet a better faith
But who love si and report get eradicate

(Repeat Chorus)

One Comment

  1. Andy Bryan Williams

    Nuff big tune from Spragga benz, respeck from Nigeria, Ah long mi real listen fi your lyric.