Mad Cobra – HeadLess Body Lyrics

Dem find dem body without no head
Police cyaa count the mount a led
Yo get from yo dis bad man
And anyone a unu pu**y call mi name a dead
The mount a red weh fly out a head
Meck bombohole bwoy get coward and fraid
No waan come out a bed

(Verse 1)
Bombohole yo should a try run
Now gunshot bruk you inna half like dry bun
Mi too sick fi asylum
Before mi meck yo duppy
Mi a go stop and go buy rum
My war a sell, you shouldn’t buy none
Suck pu**y bwoy a who tell you fi buy gun
When yo think the war die down
Gunshot a go follow you any which part yo try turn
You inna bush lie down
Blind fool, mouth cap wid the foot and hand tie down
Meck bay john crow fly down
And a pu**y mi a go beg yo gyal just as shi cry dung
Wi rise glock dem a rise tongue
Deh paw head back lie down
9 release the 1 out
The next 21 slam out

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)
Love gi people loud a chat
Buss head back like a soda pop
Glock, not gun shot, neck pop, nose drop
Bwoy spread out inna road a gap
Meck people morn over that
Dash bay big stone over that
Wait till mi hold the next bombohole
Weh mi hear have mi name out a road a chat
A solid waste come fi that
Scrape up yo body then done the spot
Si yo likkle friend dem grope up
And a gi bay tough chat
But come fi shot
Yellow tape draw over that
Dem boss a meck load a chat
Mean while him a chat
Mi si ants crawl out a him falling soldier hat

(Repeat Chorus)

(Repeat Verse 1)

(Repeat Chorus)

(Repeat Verse 2)