Versatile ft. Denyque – Dream Weekend Lyrics

(Intro – Versatile)
Am feeling good, good, girl
Denyque work hard all year
Summertime mi wanna spend my money

Alright go hold a fresh
Pack mi bag
Drive out, full up mi tank
Pray to God, tell him thanks!
Now we heading for the west side

(Chorus – Denyque)
We going to dream weekend
Down a Negril
This summer down west end is where am reaching
We party all night long
There is no sleeping
Everybody having fun, Smirnoff we drinking

(Verse 1 – Versatile)
Mi pocket seh green so mi naw hesitate
By mi seize mi van so mi pass any gate
As mi reach a the gyal dem mi a penny straight
Pon the beach dem a wine and go down
And make it shake
To how mi a dream mi fi got seh mi wake
Weh mount a picture mi blackberry take
When wi a drink Smirnoff and a lock down the place
All Ele dem a chat seh wi great!

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2 – Versatile)
Romeich, the vibes buck from the morning start
Mi look a place fi mi car fi park
Ride out pon the strip, no haffi walk
And as mi reach mi si seh the first part kick off
Yeh mi si Chris Gayle pass mi fast
Wid a girl weh deh model inna the shorty shorts
Mi grab a Heineken and buss off the cork
Haha a must a ratid glass

(Repeat Chorus 2X)