Tifa – EX Man Lyrics

(Verse 1)
My ex boyfriend was a really good lover
Teach mi nuff things mi know under the cover
But the dutty bwoy was a likkle gyal snake
So mi haffi cut him off
Give him a permanent brake

But you on the other hand oh so sweet
Gimmi diamonds on my neck
Gucci, Gucci, on my feat
But wish yo did perfect between the sheets
Never did a go seh this, but you force mi fi dweet

Come yah meck mi show you weh mi ex man teach mi
Meck mi show you how fi hackle up mi body
Come yah meck mi show you weh mi ex man teach mi
Meck mi tremble and vibrate pon it
Yo got the goods but you no know how fi used it
Come meck mi show you how fi batter and brose it
Come yah meck mi teach you weh mi ec man teach mi

(Verse 2)
But you got the body
But you got the faith
Yea you got the money but you don’t have no waist
Have the right size fi fit up inna the space
But you lost to the world
Clueless inna the place
But mi really like you so mi naw go get shallow
Mi a go teach you how fi bone out mi marrow
Good man today, mi a go meck you better best tomorrow
Take mi lead baby bwoy just follow, follow

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 3)
Watch mi face, watch mi face
Mi naw fake it
When mi fling hi gi yo bwoy just take it

Watch mi face, watch mi face
You ready?
When mi brace you fi brace back
Mi catch heart attack
Wine you fi wine back
Sink it when mi arch mi back
Set mi paw mi head top
Lizard lap
Lift mi when mi raise mi back
Flip mi pon the counter top

(Repeat Chorus)