Popcaan – Killa From Mi Bawn Lyrics

Yow Not Nice
The last time mi check courage mean brave

(Verse 1)
Yow Milla, true some pu**y hear man seh the party buck
Dem think seh wi party nuff
Not even Selassie nor Jesus cyaa save dem
When the bloodclaath 40 buss
Bwoy drop pon the ground and cyaa get up
Head leak out and the war stick up
Spanglers shoot dem middle day
Left dem body pon the ground fi the morgue pick up

Clap up the matic, the metric, that equal 2
Nie night and rum
Aim wid mi K and select it
Mi legal fi meck yo lay down
Mi buy mi gun cash mi no haffi pay down
Cannon bigger than Jamaica stadium
Miller 9 have the new brand rifle
Wi meck bwoy stifle, ratchet fi cut yo bore tongue

Mi a killa from mi bawn
Mi bloodclaath skull hot it no warm
No meck the rifle dem turn on
Gunshot bore him chest
Full a bare invest
Shot bun dem skin like ses

(Verse 2)
MP 40 clop off and bwoy head buss off
And drop pon the ground
Bwoy start rough up the boss, mi no born wid tat off
Bring the denelly come
Like Yohan Blake dem blood start run
People no play wid the hot skull son

Mi wi murder the aunty, the uncle, the niece and the nephew
Anytime the zombi touch down
Some bwoy a truck badness like a Leeland
Dis bad man like me, yuh haffi leave land
Mi gun buss anywhere though it illegal
And it no partial man nor demon
Step pon dem hendz middle day and a me one
A no 3 man, but yuh play 3 man
Mi a real bloodclaath killer from mi bawn
And yo cyaa ask Not Nice or G man

(Repeat Chorus)

(Repeat Verse 1)

(Repeat Chorus)

(Repeat Verse 2)

(Repeat Chorus)