Romain Virgo – Mama’s Song Lyrics

Mi a thank God fi mi mother
Fi all a the pain shi bear
Fi bring mi come yah
You a the greatest mother mi swear

Mi thank you mama
Fi all a the stress you bear
Mi dedicate deh one yah
You a the greatest mother mi swear

(Verse 1)
All mama grow mi inna the real slum
Mi si real shot and mi si real gun yea
A she tell mi seh no son
No pick up machine that’s no fun nooo
That’s why am alive today
Because a the lesson teach mi make
So mi a give thanks fi life cause
Mi a live a better way

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)
Mama a nuff things wi go through
A Jah alone know dem
Weh mi would a do without you
You coming like mi best friend
You always a tell me seh
Fi follow mi dreams
No follow the crowd
Mama mi take you advise so mi know you proud a mi

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 3)
Now mi a big man and thing
So mi a go teach the youths the same thing
Naw meck none bad breed terms
Same lesson mi a use an teach dem
I don’t know where I would have being
If you weren’t there all the way
So right now I just want to say

(Repeat Chorus)