Stylez ft. Ding Dong & Jr Pinchers Lyrics

We rave all night
We rave all night
We rave all night

Went to LA and we rave last night
Now Miami is the place tonight
A couple dollar have card yah fi swipe
Place a spin gold bottles fa life

Oh yea, I love it when we rave all night
Oh yea, we rave till everything is alright
Oh yea, we party all day, all night
Oh yea

(Verse 1)
Yea Pinch am back
The party is hot and the gyal dem hot
Phat pum, pum, fat
Pon the BB a play pon the gyal dem track
Haha oh my gosh
The girl dem love off mi accent, love off mi chat
The gyal dem love off mi chat
The girl dem love off mi accent, love off mi chat
The gyal dem love off mi chat

Yow what yuh know about that
Jaamerican spikes so you know tha’t hot
Why se future ratso rats
Hating fools so yuh know I got back

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)
From JA to LA, to Mia
Mi party from now till the sun high
Liquor high so a fun high
Gyal deh yah nuff look good
Pretty but cyaa done I
Rolling up like whiz Khalif
And a cyaa runner white a Jamaica leaf
Take weh any gal a that alone mi thief
Like Keisha, Suzie, Denise
Hey stock cuh the table full up a liquor
Hi lift the dance floor no body mi sorry fa
Wi a dance whole night full a stamina
Inna Jamaican style, Reggae real Rasta
Party animal, wi a party animal
Mi and the gyal dem a party like mi live inna Sinigal

Freshest code and the hottest vehicle
When mi step inna the club every girl say who
Party a gwaan and mi up inna the middle
And mi clean like whistle you know we do
Party from UK, JA, NY, NC, and MIAU
People still deh grab
Addicted to liquor
And party I got to admit that’s true
Pop those bottles make the champagne
Top models wining up pon me
Real balers here you know we rave hard
We goes to club to play
Same thing yesterday
Features stuff to rave