Konshens – Prayer Lyrics

(Verse 1)
Nuff time mi fross and grieve away
Fi si how much a mi friend life delete weh day
Likkle pickiny inna the street a play
Drive by, innocent life leek away
Mama pon are belly weak a pray
Pastor stand up over coffin wid reet a pray
Dem gi the youths dem a heap a K
Yuh no si fox a lead the sheep a stray

A Jah watch over mi soul
Watch over the youth dem
Dem out a control

Oh wi need prayer, prayer
Prayer, prayer
Prayer, prayer
Prayer, prayer

(Verse 2)
Listen mi, mi no love how the system a run
Bay dead man wi a weak and si
Every man arm, shot a blow like storm
And the cemetery a run out a vacancy
Hey youth yuh fi listen
Too much man a missing
Live up yo dream have faith and si
Wi no waan no more gone too soon
Paw shirt, paw flag, paw bare God zip
Everyday man a dead shot a tear ganzy
When mi friend get shot mi deh near and si
Mi shed tears till mi dead fears
But mi stone mi heart caw mi no fear mansi
So stand guard and beware an si
Cause the least likkle thing dem wi grave man fi
Better must come meck wi wait and si
Just try keep yo life safe and si

(Repeat Chorus)

Almighty mi a pray fi the youth dem
Show dem another way
Caw nuff a dem no know no other way
Give us strength in this time of need
Protect us from our enemies
And protect us from our self

(Repeat Chorus)