Romain Virgo – Scary Movie Lyrics

Yow Roach, mi naw go seh mi bad
But man a roll wid God
God and only God
And wi no fraid a nothing weh dem have

This a no baby days
When wi usto fraid
God alone mi fear
Until mi Grave

No fraid a no scary face
Not even in mi dreams
Dem a hype wid ugly face like a seh a Halloween
No scary movie
Cyaa frighten me
A chat bout unu bad but bad weh

(Verse 1)
If dem a Vampire mi have the cross
If dem dark like night mi have the torch
But some a dem fraid a the sunlight
That’s why dem wear the mask
But from yo si mi you no haffi ask
Man a God pickiny from start
Unu so dramatic, unu make mi laugh

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)
A men and God alone a take unu on
We a take unu on
Only bad unu bad, is smelling bad
So better unu calm
Wi no haffi walk wid gun anoint the bible inna wi hand
Caw wi no fear sastan

(Repeat Chorus)

(Repeat Intro)

(Repeat Chorus)