Agent Sasco – Shell Lyrics

Well hear mi no Roach
Come like unu even waan no riddim
MI did a go do deh one yah acashella yo no
Me naw shell to Adidas
Stop over shella buy some gas over shell
Si all mi brethren Mashell
And weh him seh di bwoy dem do violate

Hey Roach, tell dem a wi a knock the thing an dem a clean up shell
Left the place litter like peanut shell
Like out a Poppine weh peanut sell
Nothing no left fi shell down when we done shell

Hey meck mi tell yo bout mi pump shell
The 12 gage big like a conch shell
Yow Board House drop another bomb shell
Nothing no left when mi done shell

(Verse 1)
Every man a run like Shellian Fraser dem a get shell
Bwoy run off dem mouth a get dem head shell
When wi seh dem head shell
That mean seh dem head swell
Cranium crack like a egg shell
Yes a Jeffery mi name dem call mi Sheldon
Cause wi no itch when place fi shell down
Roach carry the riddim meck wi shell that
The shell song left dem shell shock

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)
Dem couldn’t give Roach no shell tax mi tell dem
Bwoy dem a chase like Mitchel so mi shell dem
Yeh when wi circle dem endz an curel dem
The Gatling wid the mouty barrel dem
Yo si the .357 mag shell
That big like the old 50 cal shell
Then how the bwoy dem a brad bout dem have shell
Kmt full a sh-t like a crab shell
Alright brand new 45 askell
Yeh from mi seh 45 a the fat shell
The mini gun belt fed so that no stop shell
The AK wid the shell catcher don’t drop shell
No left no Drill, no Ansel, no Gretel
The bwoy dem get the pre pel an the seaguell
Run inna station a preach like Ezekiel
Long talking tongue twister
Bout he sell and sea shell
Long sleeve shell

(Repeat Chorus)