Tiana – Pum Pum Phat Lyrics

Bay hot fu*k inna mi hole again

(Verse 1)
Mi pum pum fat, mi waan yo fu*k it from back
Bwoy come meck mi squeeze up yo c**k
Well versatile go paw mi head top
Mi wi jiggle up mi body an bruk off yo c**k

Him seh oh gosh mi punnany fat
Him love when mi wine an turn pon the c**k
Him seh I could never meck him feel like that
Not even one stark or 40 bag

Him seh hi dear you a the only one
Meck mi buddy stand stiff like a firm mountain
Goodas like you mi naw walk out pon
Hey tight pu**y gyal mi haffi be yo husband

Hey bwoy love how yo pant’s fromt brace up
Like a nine millimeter inna yo waist up
And da fat pu**y you fi lace up
C**ky role over tongue so no taste up

Caw a bay hot fu*k inna the cabin
Hey bwoy come send on the stabbing
Like a spider the sealing mi crawling
No fu*k till a morning

Den after the fu*k a straight clearing
Mi wi done yo bank book an yo saving
Mi never yet fu*k a man weh no shearing
Tell the truth mi not swearing

(Repeat Verse 1)

(Repeat Chorus)