Anthony B – Rebel Lyrics

No way wi naw go give up inna life
No wi naw go give up inna life
No matter how dem a fight
Short man naw go give up inna life
Dem cyaa stop wi from reach inna wi height

Man got to be a rebel
So live comfortable
Yo got to be a rebel in this time

Yo got to be a rebel
To live comfortable
Ghetto youth no stop fight fi protect dem life line

(Verse 1)
Rasta, red, green and gold a mi suit a talk hi
Bade every day so Rasta no nasty
Work fi weh wi want, no live like Limba Rachy
Mi no Bruce Lee weh fight karate
Member man a chad the earth like accent monarchy
Road of life a long time mi a walk hi
Sunshine or rain, or night time when it darky
The truth mi stand up an a talk hi

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)
Time rough so man a juggle likkle greens
Likkle green banana, Likkle beans
No have no time fi act like boasty dean
Weh have one bag a money an get up a act mean
Paw wi corner man straight dem no lean
Every king round yah so have a queen
Everybody unu know weh mi mean
Buss a blank inna the air from yo inn

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 3)
Seh inna desolate place weh man a look dem bread
But inna certain place still naw go push my head
Rastafari put a roof over wi head
And wi haffi give thanks fi life caw wi no dead
Naw sell out fi go nam no scarl egg
Naw sell out fi no bull an bread
Member man a bun the fire red
So wi naw live like renta dread

(Repeat Chorus 2X)