ZJ Chrome ft. Popcaan – Straight Lyrics

(Verse 1)
Chrome mi no love man an mi mean it
No bwoy no fi watch how mi jeans fit
Any bwoy weh yo si a watch man pants
That mean seh man gi dem neili
Every girl a revile it
A me shi really waan be with
An weh inna mi pants
A regular some bwoy gyal sit down an a feel it

Mi an mi tug dem straight wi no love man
Bwoy cyaa dress Andrey Saderlan
Badman naw watch man pants
An real hot skull naw watch dem woman
Gyal dem seh oh God
Jeans dem fresh
Pretty like money anywhere me step
Police gyal si mi an waan fi mules

(Verse 2)
Fresher than the pounds an the pens
Straight like arrow never bends
Gyal a pree mi inna dem contact lens
When mi role up inna the burga an the benz

When time pop skull a crush endz
Pants never too tight fi jump Nicky fence
Mi have gyal inna the force an the vence
An the whole of Mrs kitty friends

(Repeat Chorus)

(Repeat Verse 1)