Zj Chrome ft Bugle, Alaine, Popcaan & Tarrus Riley – Only Human Lyrics

(Intro – Bugle & Tarrus Riley)
Tell dem, dem don’t know we
Yeh Chrome, some people think dem know wi
But dem no know the half
Dem always think wi happy
True dem si wi a laugh

But a nuff time wi stress
Outside wi cope the best
Whole heap a time wi stress
But wi meck dem think the rest

(Chorus – Alaine)
Cause we are only human
Like anybody else
We are only human
Sometime wi need some help

We are only human
Like anybody else
We are only human
It’s not about the wealth

(Verse 1 – Popcaan)
Wi a just human bean
An the way how it seem
Anything can happen
Caw nuff youth weh a work everyday
A no every week dem shopping
Caw life a no bedarose
Nuff youth still a wear dem brother clothe
Ghetto youths never give up
We gots to move the obstacles

When you think you have life hard
Nuff people have it harder
Cause nuff time nuff youth well want a shave
An cyaa check the barber
Granny tell mi seh your money maga
So shi haffi feed pon cassava
You no know weh a man go through fi own weh him have
Don’t grudge him fi him Prado

(Tarrus Riley)
The world never build inna one day
Things take time
Every man have problem an me have mine
A no everything weh glitter a gold
Wi might look fabulous but everything don’t fine

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2 – Popcaan)
Caw nobody no perfect
No man never get a knife stab weh no hurt yet
Hungry days an cold sweat
Bigger heads never take a walk pon the terf yet
Stop pree weh a gwaan
Mi no love how the leaders a gwaan

Yeh a nuff time wi life uneasy
Caw the trouble an trials a squeeze wi
Haffi laugh although a no joke thing
Wi bruk an the bills dem floating
The fridge get empty
The gas tank empty
Youth dem still deh road a beg 20
Only if you know seh a the best side wi a show

(Repeat Chorus)

(Outro – Bugle)
Birthday is the worst day
Water when wi thirsty
Tin Mackerel fi dinner
One shoes mi inna
But mi believe inna Jah
Although mi a sinner
Yeh caw mi pray an read mi bible
Mi no idle
Mi work fi weh mi want
So mi know seh mi must achieve
Mi have faith an belief
Yea life no easy
Fi no one at all, no one at all
It no easy fi you
An it no easy fi mi
I and I seh fi Popcaan, Alaine an singe, singe