Chris Martin – Naah Work Lyrics

Tan watch the badmine print pon dem forehead
True this time wi no get fi carry nothing fi dem from foreign
Dem love things, but wi love pople
Wi love good an dem love evil
If wi flop tomorrow that would a sweet you
But it nah go work

It nah work, no it nah work
Tho you I wish fi wi go below dirt
It nah work, never gonna work
Rise wi a rise when yo wish fi wi hurt
Tio, it nah work, no it cyaa work
A Jah a guide so yo obia get jerk
Wi know yo tried yo best
But it pointless cause nothing naw go work

(Verse 1)
Cyaa believe seh yo come a wi party
Just fi find out if it flop or not
Yo never come fi so party
Yo come fi find supn fi go road an chat
Sometimes a the ones weh yo least expect
Have the longest, sharpest knife a yo neck
Yeh a try cut yo, waan stop yo breath
But Jah, Jah, never fail I yet

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)
Wi done find out seh dem no like wi
So everything wi do dem quitisize hi an fight hi
As a God seh mi hours jump off so
Fi dem Y V
A no spite wi dweet fa wi just bless by the almighty

(Repeat Chorus)

So gwaan sprinkle the oil weh yo want a wi foot
Yo dutty heart, dutty mind get shook
Inna my eye pagan cyaa look
So listen weh wi sing inna the hook

(Repeat Chorus 2x)