Jimmy Cliff Talks Grammy, State Of Reggae Music And More [VIDEO]

Not very often you see a sit down interview with reggae legend Jimmy Cliff.

Cliff won his second Grammy award this year for Best Reggae Album for his disc Rebirth.

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During an interview with Winford Williams of OnStage last weekend, Jimmy Cliff opens up about winning the Grammy, setting the stage for reggae acts including Bob Marley, the current state of reggae and more.

“While the tribute to Bob Marley was going on at the Grammys I was in Australia doing an interview so I missed that segment,” Jimmy Cliff says. “It was a great gesture and about time. Because I opened the door for reggae via “The Harder They Come.” Because I had hit records prior to The Harder They Come, Millie Smalls had hit record prior to The Harder They Come… but it was when The Harder They Come showed the visuals and showed where it was really coming from then people looked into it and say wow this is something new going on in the world.”

Jimmy Cliff also discussed roots reggae and dancehall going mainstream.

Throughout his lengthy career and unimaginable contribution to reggae and Jamaican culture. Jimmy Cliff earned an honorable doctorate from the University of the West Indies.

Cliff was also given Jamaica’s Order of Merit, the highest honor in Jamaica that can be given to anyone in the arts and sciences.

Jimmy Cliff was also inducted in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame among many more accolades.