Gyptian ft. Beenie Man – Soul Mate Lyrics

Gyptian, Beenie Man

(Verse 1 – Gyptian)
An if yo carry too hard baby
Yow God couldn’t stop mi
One wish I wish from god is to make you fly
That’s the only thing baby stopping you from being my angel
Girl you make me smile
Happiness so nice

(Chorus – Gyptian)
The she’s so beautiful
I know she knows
Her smile is so wonderful
Am glad she’s mine

(Verse 2 – Beenie Man)
Nuff gyal a look wi but dem no have the quality
Gyal yo have the capability an the ability
Fi take care a mi houses, an mi business, an mi pickinies
Pickinies, me is a bwoy weh believe inna mi families
When mi choose mi gyal dem well is like astronomy
Pick dem like a star out a the sky so dem is like a match to mi
Anything yo waan mi buy that money no matter mi
Tell dem idiot gyal deh out a road seh no bother mi

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 3 – Gyptian)
No one to you but me baby
Mi love it when you call me sugar daddy
MI seh mi love when yo bounce an turn
Sometimes mi cant find words
But you got me singing
Keep on doing what you doing baby

(Repeat Chorus – Gyptian)

(Verse 3 – Beenieman
Mi naw cheat
Without you mi life is incomplete
With you mi life complete yo seet
Mi naw go meck no idiot gyal come big up are self bouth shi peep
When a me an you alone a walk pon falling love street
Take you two candy shop give you falling love sweet
After that wi ropped up under wi falling love sheet
After 9 months you deh a street

(Repeat Chorus)