Khago – Love Me Like This Lyrics

Girl they say all type of things yeh
They just wanna tear us apart
Waan you lock mi heart
And if a even fi push the cart
They could never tear us apart
Mi tell yo seh mi love you from start, baby!

You love me like this
You love me like this
Love me, love me baby
Love me like this
You love me like this

(Verse 1)
Everybody come a talk like somebody
Stop you inna the past who somebody
Like dem no waan go perplex somebody
Deh tooter mi business somebody
Hey dem a seh the grass look green nooo
Every other seh hi done hi no
We are a perfect team ahh
Dem waan you fi stray like zena

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)
And now that we’ve being through
The roughest of time true
Sometimes I love yo heart to the sky
But you know that’s the life of a sky
And we break up, make up
The sweetest time, shake up
Kiss on ma jaw
An yo tell mi seh yo love

(Repeat Chorus)