Chronixx – I Am Chronixx Lyrics

Special, deliver wi, deliver wi
Zink fence no mix up inna it caw wi no dicady
Naw do nothing fi meck the people dem sick a wi
Watch dem a wonder what it is

(Verse 1)
Rastafari wi calling respect do
Babylon falling a could a wa do you
MIghty an brawling a so wi a go through
Me deh yah from morning fi give you something new
Wid mi bag paw mi back an mi karki suit
Mi naw listen to dem mi a talk the truth
Mi fire hotter than a cup a coffee tea
I caught the bee so no bwoy like 40 sup

When time mi step out pon the stage show
People recognize everywhere weh mi go
Seh a seh one deh name Chronixx, watch it

Bag paw mi back yo done know how it go
Could a sunshine, a could a inna the snow
Mi seh a me name Chronixx, welcome

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)
Teflon no pet an pamper
Wi no beg an barrow
Have wi special sponsor excuse
Babylon a fret an wonder if wi deh pon ganger
An a meck all kind a excuse
Gi mi the big bad riddim an a micro phone
Jehovah even deh yah mi no fight alone
When time mi deh pon the stage an dem no waan go home
So tell Babylon dem inna sniper zone

(Repeat Chorus)

(Repeat Intro)

Longtime the people dem waan si Chronixx pon the stage
Is a different execution
Me come fi meck my contribution
An me come fi give mankind solution

Longtime the people dem waan si Chronixx pon the stage
Fi hear my kind a statements
Dem a wonder who a go save dem
After Babylon done underrate dem

(Repeat Chorus)