Chronixx – Di Youth Dem Lyrics

Government mi beg unu
Do supn fi the youth dem
Yo confuse, misused, execute dem
Yo plan lose Rastafari choose dem
Yes I no know

Chronixx beg yo do supn fi the people
Member a Jah over evil
Ma people the way look steep
Babylon a call but this a weh mi tell dem

Do supn fi the youth dem
Before yo talk to me
An if yo no waan si every children
Then the whole place under seage
You no si the whole place under pressure
Government no care bout we
But Chronixx represent fi the youth
An the youths represent fi Chronixx

(Verse 1)
Mi no cry fi no guy inna no Jackie Chan tie
A dem take wi fi claffi an I
Tell Babylon seh fi stop the sanfy
Hi yes high
Caw dem a drive inna Bimma an Benz
An a tell wi fi simma down when
Wi cyaa find food fi the dinner
But guess what, ghetto youths wi a winner

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)
A fi the youth dem in the struggles an distress
Chronixx is here to take unu out the mess
Advocate fi the youths caw mi a talk the truth
Caw mi waan si the youth dem free
Music weh mi use, a no cut, a no brose
Stop the war beg the youth dem please
Bobylon kill the youths in 2’s an 3’s
Seh how dem waan the shooting sease
Government mi a beg unu do a few things please

(Repeat Chorus)