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J Diamondz ft. Future Fambo & Richie Loop – Party

(Intro – J Diamondz)
Hair cut, snap back fresh
V neck shirt show the tattoo inna mi chest
Pocket full a money ready fi the flex
Any gyal mi si mi know mi haffi get

(Chorus – Richie Loop)
So lets party, party, party
I just wanna party, party, party
Yow dog lets go party, party, party
I just wanna party, party, party

(Verse 1 – J Diamondz)
So mi talk place nice where the party at
Fresh off ma flight well nice where the shorty’s at
Well bling out, swag God ever clean
An a fresh pear Nike that no body never seen
Where the chicks at, throw ni–er a bottle
See allot of pretty woman but am looking for a model
6:45 drop 4 bottle
Party naw done till tomorrow

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2 – Future Fambo)
Well come to the party life
Party mash up all mi an mi wife
Because mi party a day, an mi party a night
White gyal pon the left, black gyal pon the right
Inna party no need no night light
Inna party mi feel so nice
So Cranberry yeh a need more ice
Listen to mi an the DJ voice

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 3 – J Diamondz)
Champagne splash like camera flash
Weed in the air Crishno I had a stash
Girl dash out no c**k fight pure ass
Cuban round mi with VIP pass
Gyal dem a follow mi like Twitter
This full a glitter, mi shades dem sicker
Dem seh Red Bull chase the rum no bigger
Party sell off like a egler

(Repeat Chorus)