Chris Martin – World Wide Number 1 Lyrics

Shi wi gimmi anything mi want
From mi a work fi ti
Shi seh mi deserve it

Shi gimmi anything mi need
From mi a search fi it
Jah know my girl is perfect

(Verse 1)
Shi was born in Jamaica
Prettiest girl pon the land
Shi know bout mi before mi know are
An shi choose me to be her man
Shi pay fi mi go Europe, America, Africa my mother land
Shi don’t stress mi, shi check fi mi
An shi don’t gimmi bun wid no man

She’s my over night sensation
Oh my number 1
Shi make so many girls love mi
An shi don’t get jealous at all

Over night sensation
World wide number 1
Music yo know mi love you baby
Your the melody to mu song

No other girl, No other girl
No other girl for me there’s only you

No other girl, No other girl
Makes me feel the way you do

No other girl, No other girl
Can do for me the things you do

So anywhere inna the world
Am going girl am taking you

(Verse 2)
Shi no care if mi have another woman
Shi no care bout that
As long as when a fi are time
Mi a go hard all out none stop
Shi gimmi time fi play an party
All over the world hi no
Mi big are up everyday shi meck mi happy
Mi no waan no other girl hi no

(Repeat Chorus 2X)