Terror Fabulous Opens Up About Mental Health Issues

Terror Fabulous rose to fame in the early 1990s with his hit single “Action” featuring Nadine Sutherland.

The single peaked at number 43 on the Billboard chart in 1993 and was listed at number 19 on Vibe fifty greatest duets of all time.

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Since achieving great success in the early to mid 1990s, Terror Fabulous has been missing from the scene since. He recently surfaced at this year’s Rebel Salute where he gave a rousing performance.

We also recently learned that the deejay has been battling a mental disorder which caused him to put his music on hold.

Speaking with the Obersver, Terror Fabulous, born Cecil Campbell, said he has been on medication for several years now.

“I have been on medication for more than 10 years and my doctor and those around me are very supportive,” Fabulous said.

Fabulous also said he has not been receiving royalties from his songs including “Kotch,” “Glamorous,” “Gwaney Gwanye,” and “No retreat No Surrender.”

“I really want to collect as I have done a lot of work in the past,” Fabulous said. “I got a letter from ASCAP (publishing company) once but I have lost contact with them and can’t really recall the details of the letter.”


  1. Jah no star……. when I used to see him up a Top Scheme (Portsmouth) I thought he was coked out….. because everyone was saying it! I’m sorry to even believe that! Continue to get well Terror.

  2. One of best dancehall deejays in the 90s.

  3. on of the biggest real talk.

  4. So sad. He was one of my favorites. I hope and pray for his health to improve and that he gets his dues owed to him properly.

  5. the business NEED terror…wicked deejay.

  6. jah know star me never know.

  7. jah know star me never know.