D’Angel – No Camouflage Lyrics

My people judge me
And they don’t know me
They don’t feel my pain
Can’t bring me shame oh no

(Verse 1)
God knows am not perfect
Accept me for who I am
Ain’t gonna live my life a no what
So I expect you to understand
My heart as being broken
From things that talk mean worst when it spoken
And now am living with these scars
Cause they don’t know who they are
Still they try to tell me who I am

My life ain’t no camouflage
I’m real who are u to judge
Am like a seed growing into a flower
I got faith that can move a tower
Stop trying to bring me down
Cause my God have all the power

(Verse 2)
So many people try to believe in me
Falling down to my face cause something you’ll never see
Live my life for a day is such a de freak in me
On the same one even when I try to break free
I’m no even half way to my destiny
So I now try wish the best for me
What I learn from my mistakes
Am working so hard to get my break
So when it happen is a lighten hood
Away you wanna

(Repeat Chorus 2X)