Blak Ryno – Life Story Lyrics

Mi naw fi get, Mi one pants, mi one shirt
Mi patty usto hustle till him hand burst
Hustling a fi mi mother ruding
Member when mi usto jump the fence fi go the concert

Cause my life full a story
My life is like a story
A mile away mi name is like a converse
Never judge a book if yuh no sit down an read one verse
So my life full a story yea
My life is like a story yea
Watch dem a fight mi an dem no know mi
Wa mi do dem so meck dem a try fi hide mi glory

(Verse 1)
Mi waan fi know weh dem deh when mi suffering
Member when mi never have no visa fi go no foreign
Mi usto find the bread but couldn’t find the buttering
Face it when mi likkle, when mi bigger is a tougher thing
When yo si a youth a try don’t laugh
Si the youth dem a the stop light deh
Don’t pass
Yo cyaa live inna life without cost
So mi want mi own business mi own boss

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)
Every dollar likkle dine time
Mi a suffer long so mi a go fi my shine
Play the game no show mi side line
Mi no waan mi mother si mi pon the prime time
So mi hustle the money mi a go fi my prime
A collect it an mi a go fi my coin
Inna the middle day late night time
Mi touch the road fi dweet caw food haffi eat

(Repeat Chorus 2X)