Laden – Groupies Lyrics

I love my groupies
I love my groupies

I love my groupies
I love my groupies

And they all so love me
Just like stew peas

Groupies, I love my groupies

(Verse 1)
Yea whe the gyal dem want a instant man
Me dem link up pon the Instagram
Gyal a run mi down like a police a chase crook
A send mi request paw facebook
Mi know the link cyaa reach quicker if yuh tweet mi paw mi twitter
Gyal dem a link mi paw BBM
Waan be the friend

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)
Mi a one bwoy dem carry mi like pan
Gyal a tell me seh shi a my fan
Seh shi have me as a real Icon
Seh shi just left are man mi can be the right one
How the gyal dem love mi so
An look how mi ugly to
ANy gyal get a chance fi hug mi dem no waan let mi go
Portorico an Mexico

(Repeat Chorus)


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