American Idol Recap Nicki Minaj Blow Up And Walked Off Stage [VIDEO]

On Wednesday episode of American Idol, the show recapped Nicki Minaj and Mariah Carey’s blow up during an audition last year.

Footage from the infamous incident leaked online during the summer of last year, but this is the first time American Idol is showing it on TV.

Nicki Minaj Takes Over Jimmy Kimmel, Says Mariah Hate Her [VIDEO]

The footage shows all the judges arguing with Nicki Minaj before she snapped and walked off the stage.

During the audition, Idol hopefully Summer Cunningham performed Bill Withers classic “Lean On Me” before stating that she had previous done the country music thing. That annoyed judges Keith Urban and Mariah Carey.

“I always get thrown when people say they have ‘done the country thing,'” Keith Urban said before Mariah and Randy Jackson agrees.

“Why are we picking her apart because of a country comment?” an annoyed Nicki said. “I feel like we’re going into, ‘Are you country, are you country, do you like country?’ … You guys make comments about everybody in popular music all day … not you Keith … Randy and Mariah.”

“Oh, you’re right. I’m sorry I can’t help her. Maybe I should just get off the fing panel! Let me get off the panel” Nicki added before storming off the panel.

Watch video below.