Deablo – Young & Getting It Lyrics

Bruk weh, Governor
Bombo rass clooth
Bad company
Don’t fu*k around
I’ll shot yp fu**ing brains out
Grains out, yow pu**y

No come yah wid the long chatting

A no gyal thing pippy long stacking

A no cartoon willie Wanker thing

50 Callibor kicking an knocking

No bwoy cyaa si Diddy an trop him

Circle endz when dem chilling an napping
Take up badness dont own a gun hey

Tell him father build him one coffin

Take dem life an tell dem gracious

Shot a kick bwoy dive like Casilas

Rifle wave tell yo friend fi drop the lass

Gyal run out a the beam an block mi

Caw friend a try run a drop, pop slippers

Rifle shot bite yo neck like Joculars

Copper shot inna mi gun, coculars

Clip dog like one a mi hot kickers

Me murder yo, come a yo funeral

Hug up yo mother, help are lock the box

So yo friend wa a chat get dash inna the river turn alligator snack

Rat dinners

When mi march camouflage beneculars

Mi a spar wid bay, bya, maffiers

Bwoy nam a shot inna the morning hot flitters

Mi no send bwoy fi lay down inna hospital

Dust to dust, tell dem hash to hash

Something a fu*k feel a frass mi frass

Rifle tall dodo round deh clap spinners

Mi no play a no paper rock sizzars

An no bwoy cyaa offer zombie box

Glock 26 sharp like ankle socks

Skin melt off a bone candle wax

Bobby lane, Morgans lane, Mavicas

Kill yo in front a yo gyal den tell are fi skin out the pu**y

Give it a one quickas

Yo little son wake up an a meck bay noise

Shut him up give him a one snickas

No shoot bwoy fi turn dem inna handicap

Marrow jump out inna yo aunty lap

45 swell yo fat like Fancycat

Bad from mi born mi no plan fi stop

So mi walk wid mi gun everywhere, anywhere

When mi dead put it in a mi cystic

Mi still bad all when time mi dead

Could a heaven or hell man a walk wid the chopstick

Raass yeh 32 inn the glock clip

Put 3 inna yo face that a atrick

WHen wi a run road gun load

Some bwoy deh a yard watch pone an a back fist

Mi head mad dem know mi no have no sense

Tell one a dem try fi cross the fence

Pay rifle wa tall lock off the endz

Shot hang yo pon the wall like ornament

Some bwoy full a chat argument

Mi no talk wid people parliament

Bwoy yo know yo no bad , gwaan pretend

Shallow grave, steal an hard cement

No mi no fling chop, rifle a clap, head crack like when nest call the egg

An mi no take chat, man bad, head mad, head hot

Talk yo waan fi dead

Woozy shot long like 40 leg

Inferred pon yo forehead mark it red

Ni tell mi weh yo come from go call yo friends

And even if dem come wid all the feds

Bwoy it no meck no rass difference

Shot off yo eye glass lost the lens