Andre 3000 Iced Outkast Reunion

Andre 3000 broke our little hearts when he said there is no Outkast reunion this week.

Rumors started to spread on Twitter when a new Frank Ocean single “Pink Matter” surfaced.

B.O.B Ft. Andre 3000 – Play The Guitar [Music Video]

The singles features an appearance from Andre 3000 and his partner in rhyme Big Boi.

According to a statement released to the Spin, Andre 3000 says the single is not an Outkast collaboration.

“I never want to mislead our audience – I worried that some would think these were Outkast collaborations,” 3000 said. “These songs are not Outkast collaborations. I discussed this rationale with Big, Frank and T.I. and everyone agreed. That is why I was surprised to read about these remixes. I understand that anyone can put out an unofficial remix to any song but I have an obligation to be honest with fans about what this is … and what it isn’t.”

Whatever happened between these two they need to work it out because fans want Outkast back in the game.