Popcaan ft. Bugle – Only Human Lyrics

(Intro – Bugle)
Tell dem dem dont know we yea
Some people think dem know wi
But dem no know the half
Dem always think mi happy
Through dem si mi a laugh
Whole heap a time mi stress
Outside wi put the best
Whole heap a time wi stress
But wi make dem think the rest

(Chorus – Bugle)

Cause we are only human, like anybody else
We are only human sometime we need some help
We are only human like anybody else
We are only human it’s not about the wealth

(Verse 1 – Popcaan)

We a just human bean an the way how wi seet
Anything can happen
Caw nuff weh a work everyday a no every week dem shopping
Caw life a no beda rose
Nuff youth still a wear dem brother clothe
Ghetto youths never give up
We got to move the obstacles

(Verse 1 – Bugle)

You think you have life hard
Nuff people have it harder
Cause nuff time nuff youth well want a shave an cyaa check the barber
granny tell mi seh your money maga
So sh haffi feed pon Cassava
Mi no know wah a man go through fi own wah him have
Don’t grudge him fi him Prado
The world never build in a one day things take time
Every man have problem caw me have mine
A no everything wah glitter a gold
Wi might look fabulous but everything dont fine

(Repeat Chorus – Bugle)