Iyara – Dead To Bomboclaat Lyrics

Bwoy weh yuh a run go
Hey raper bwoy yuh cyaa run weh
Anyweh yuh go bullet a come deh
Bomboclaat unu sis eh dem no bad tho
A mouth alone dem have
Yuh si how quick dem a try switch up di bloodclaath war

The duppy meck already an a no sting yet
The duppy meck already river sprat fin less
The duppy meck an barell no stop spin yet
Real war song no sing yet, grenade no start fling yet


Deva Brat a run to bomboclaat
Him rusty 38 done to bomboclaat
Mi have the T95 still a fire an bullet still a wire
Skin a bun to bomboclaat

Raper bwoy mi no go washing in a war
Mi rise strapping in a war
Press up the chigger so yo knocking bullets a knocking in a the war
Buss head top in a the war
Wa meck yo drop in a the war
Pu**y yuh just a drop in a the war

(Verse 1)

Yuh no Usain but yuh a run like track star in a the war
But while yo running bullet coming so yo naw go get far
Foot a chop off blood running like a pipe buss an wi cyaa find the lock off
And when him drop mi shoot him fitted cap off, buss him head
Exit pon the main wi no go back off
Tuck it in like ductor pon a bus the angle c**k off
The bloodclaat crime scene fi wash off
Caw river sprat dead no more mug no deh fi chat off

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)

River sprat done to bomboclaat
Leng yuh no si
River sprat war a waste of time
Mi shott him up an call it’s a masabine
Bullet flop him meck weh fi six like a wave hi lines
And watch him marrow fly like a ball over the boundary line
That a no mi only crime
Mi a kill from a puppy to a big dog
Provide body fi give morgue
When yuh deh over Portmore a shuffle an a share card
Mi strap up, an a clap up, an a hot up out a win ward
Deva Bratt a fu*k fowl in a him yard