Sizzla Rejects Jamaican Gays Olive Branch “Fire Bun”

Sizzla Kalonji wants nothing to do with gays and he is making it clear.

The Jamaica Forum for Lesbians, All-Sexuals and Gays (J-FLAG), recently extended an olive branch to the reggae veteran in an effort to ease tension between them. But Sizzla Kalonji rejected their offer.

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The J-Flag group is showing their support to select dancehall artists who they believe has toned down their anti-gay lyrics over the years. One such artist is Beenie Man, who made a controversial apology to the gay community in a video on YouTube last year.

Sizzla, however, is holding firm on his stance on gays.

This is what Kalonji said:

“I, personally, as Sizzla and president of the Nyabinghi theocracy, I don’t want no sponsor from no homosexual,” he declared.

“We are a people of the Almighty God. We are a biblical people. Jamaica is a Bible island. We live by the principle of the Almighty and in our Bible that we read, in the Hebrew Bible, we totally abandon homosexuals. We are against it. So we don’t need no support from them. Fire bun!”

Reggae/dancehall artists and gays across the world have been bitter enemies for several years. However, tension has simmered a bit after several artists signed the Reggae Compassionate Act. Sizzla is one of many artists who signed the document.